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It was Vicky cooks class only another woman was preaching to us up on a quaint stage. I showed such a fit about it that the real Vicky cook emerged from the back of the small amphitheater. She invited us to go on a journey with her back to our school days, and unknown classmates and I all followed curiously, and somewhat eagerly.

She took us to something like our old classroom, only it wasn't a classroom it was a long strip of bleacher seats. We were all young again and we rushed up the seats on our little legs trying to beat the others to the end! Beyond the bleachers was something like a haunted ally, there were seemingly caged creatures, and a turn where something grabbed out at your ankles.

As I looked around a corner I saw a whole landscape of buildings forests and odds and ends. Around one corner a boy was fighting with a swarm of great flying things that nested up high in an Italian building on the second floor. He ran away holding his head to protect it and I grabbed him. We waited for the creatures to settle, then we ran! Around the corner past the building, and into another stretch of oddities. It was like Alice in wonderland, nothing made much sense.

A car picked us up, it was Vicky and a man who congratulated us in getting this far. They drove down a stretch of field forest and the occasional building and stopped outside of a line of people. Fellow students. We were all teenagers now. And we saw one line entering what now seems to be an abandoned school, and the other line going the opposite way into nothingness. All of us know we were supposed to go to the school, we wanted to go to it. Though its not clear why. In the middle of the two lines was a an unmanned booth that a child was waiting at. Vicky pressed a button and the booth produced a "Name" the girls supposed "Name" That she clutched to herself desperately before getting in line.
"We try to give out a few freebees" The man in the car with Vicky told us. They smiled and wished us luck! We all piled out of the car and ran for the school!

When we left the road, it was twilight, and it was just me and the boy again. We were in our 20's now. There were breeze ways before us, and the great opening of two metal school doors. We walked in without much fear. But waiting at the door was a big blond guy, he was the quaint and typical bully. He sneered and sauntered over to us. The school was dark and dimly lit, to one side of us was a computer, the boy quickly logged in, we realized that we needed to log in the be counted, and if we didn't log in, we could die here and no one would know, know one would ever come for us. The big guy grabbed my arm and hit me! It surprisingly hurt! Then the boy darted over to us and started punching at and darting away from the bully and I was let go. I ran to type my name in, but the system was strange and foreign. I was worried about the boy who was attacking us, so I clumsily managed to type and select "Ay Choir" rather than my name.
Quickly I grabbed the boys arm and ran again. "Did you log in!?" he demanded.
"Well, not really." I admitted. "But it will have to do!"

We turned a corner. We saw others who had teamed up, three people were in a library/comic room, taking it easy. Four people were entering the building from the outside, they looked breathless and shaken.
I became alone again, I watched the people around me, wondering what they were doing or why they were scared.

I was outside, in graveyard of topless buses. junk and machinery was all around me. I saw a troop of 13 people. Their battle was growing desperate now, they faced down another 13 people and fought with projectiles, and fists. in the end one team was down, and 8 people were standing. And I stood to the side of them, in the remains of a buss, its seats broken and laying sideways, I stood in what was left of the isle way. As 8 people closed together to formulate their next plan. I walked down the isle my eyes down so as to not trip on the debri around me. As my eyes were rested downwards, a shadow passed over the already darkness (it was sunset right before real night) and when I looked up the 8 were gone. But all their gathered equipment remained strewn across the yard, between school buildings and breezeways. Something had taken them, and they had not the opportunity to cry out. And what ever it was had left me alone... or overlooked me. I walked over their prior location and picked up a lighter that had been left behind. It was growing dark. And I may need it.

Even though I did not fight for what they fought for. And I did not fear what they feared.


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